looking for some inspiration

So I'm working on a project for one of my design classes. And I have to do a multi-panel story-board type of thing. One of the things I am using for inspiration is A Softer World. I really like this comic, but I need more than one. (plus it good to look at other sources for research)

I am specifically looking for 'web-comics' that are photo based. But a Softer World is the only one that I know. So I turn to you.

Do you guys know of any other photo-based comic type sites that I can look to? Thanks!!!

Toy Art Show

Art, Music, Fire, and Performances all inspired by Toys!
June 5th, 7pm-midnight
@ Watershed 5040 Se Milwaukie Portland, OR
Dennis Nyback's film collection, film starts at 7:30
Groovin' Megz Hula Hoop extraordinaire,
Blair-Rich Project
Fire Goddesses and Gods April and Kurt
DJ Justin Jade
and more!

Donations gladly excepted for the performers

PDX Resource Questions!

Portland Resources Questions? [Mar. 7th, 2009|12:32 am]
Hi! I just joined this community and have a few questions about producing art in Porland...

Where can I get the cheapest b&w copies made for making books and zines?
Is there an inexpensive place to have vinyl records made of my music?
Are there any all-ages open mic nights in Portland?
Lastly, are there any galleries that also have live music?

Thanks for any help!

Studio For Rent in SE

I need a art studio mate or two. I open to all mediums so yea...Spread the word if you want. April 1st move in. Rent is 415 so 207 for two people or 138 or so for three. Its a sweet space, 400 Sq. Ft. Big windows and a view of SE Portland. Its on Grand above East End and Sea Tramp Tattoo.